Diamond Antenna and Microwave, provider of high-performance RF/Microwave rotary joints couplers, today announced the release of its next generation Ka-Band dual channel Rotary Joint in a low profile/compact package. Diamond has enhanced its flagship dual channel rotary joint product line to give Satellite terminal manufactures greater design flexibility for their “Airborne Satcom” terminal platforms.

“The lightweight/compact design of our new Ka-Band rotary joint gives satellite platform designers greater flexibility in manufacturing smaller and lighter weight terminals,” said John MacMillan, Director of Sales for Diamond Antenna. 

The Ka-Band dual channel rotary joint design, series 22124-0, contains a WR-28 high power transmit channel (29.0-31.0 GHz) and a 2.92mm coaxial receive channel. (19.2-21.2 GHz). The unit provides excellent RF performance as follows: VSWR <1.20:1 (Transmit & Receive Ch.’s) & Insertion Loss of 0.30 dB (Transmit Ch.) & 0.6 dB. (Receive Ch.) Isolation between Ch.’s is greater than 70 dB. The unit supports average power of 100 watts (Transmit Ch.) & 10 watts (Receive Ch.) The 22124-0 rotary joint is rated up to 45,000 feet. 

Both channels perform well over a wider frequency ranges as follows: 

Transmit Channel: 26.0-40.0 GHz, Receive Channel: 18.0-22.0 GHz with a VSWR of < 2.0:1 & Insertion loss of <0.8 dB. 

Several versions of the 22124-0 series are available as well as special requirements within this series.

Further information about Diamond Antenna and the company’s products is available at www.diamondantenna.com


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Diamond Antenna designs, manufactures and distributes high performance RF/Microwave Rotary Joints for the Satellite industry (ground based, airborne, space and shipboard) and Military, ATC, Weather and Marine Radar applications. We support Military, Space and Commercial markets. Diamond has a full line of standard products and can design custom solutions specific to exacting customer requirements. The company also offers refurbish and repair services for its own and third party rotary joints. Founded in 1956, the company now employs 70 people at the Littleton, MA, USA facility and services clients worldwide.



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