Diamond Antenna’s RF and Microwave Rotary Joints allow the directional antenna to rotate while passing microwave signals to and from the transceiver. 

Lubricated bearings provide the mechanical interface for a long life of sector scanning or full, continuous rotation.

Consistent, high-quality signals can be passed during both rotation and fixed-position transmissions and reception.


  • Satellite Systems

- mobile communications platforms on land, marine, and airborne

- SATCOM-On-The-Move

- ground station to space uplinks and downlinks

- satellite payloads (space qualified)

  • Air Traffic Control Radar

  • Space and Planetary Rovers

- contacting

- non-contacting

  • Navigational Radar Systems

- ground

- marine

- airborne

  • Weather Radar Systems

  • Coastal Radar Systems

  • 3-D Radar Systems



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