Overhaul and Repair

Bring New Life to Your Aging System

Keeping an RF rotary joint operational at an affordable price is increasingly important in today’s environment. Scheduled maintenance can safeguard against catastrophic rotary joint failures; however, typical RF rotary joints are a forgotten maintenance item until the system fails. Once failure occurs, the original OEM may no longer support the older systems. That is why a qualified and reliable resource for proper maintenance is crucial.

Diamond Antenna and Microwave provides expert repair and maintenance of all RF rotary joints regardless of the original model or manufacturer.

Diamond’s General Repair Process


1Pre-receipt of Material

  • Customer requests Return Material Authorization (RMA) number

  • Customer provides:

    • Model number
    • Serial number
    • Reason for return
  • Diamond issues RMA

  • Customer issues PO with evaluation fee and ships unit to Diamond



  • Diamond performs incoming inspection on unit:

    • Visual inspection
    • Dimensional inspection
    • Electrical test
    • Mechanical test
  • Develop statement of work and disassemble, inspect and disposition parts to determine the extent of repair/overhaul activity

  • Technical review and evaluation of the condition of internal components

  • Develop failure analysis report

  • Determine material & service availability, costs and scope of work

  • Report findings and quote repair price and delivery


3After Authorization to Proceed

  • Diamond receives revised purchase order authorizing repair activity

  • Diamond updates sales order and work order

  • Material planning begins:

    • Review existing inventory
    • Request, procure, manufacture, repair, refurbish, or replace parts as necessary
  • Reassemble and acceptance test:

    • Dimensional inspection
    • Electrical test
    • Mechanical test
  • Paint, mark and final inspection

  • Package and ship to customer

  • Full one-year warranty on all refurbished items

The Repair Process: Before & After

View real examples of failed RF rotary joints before and after refurbishment by Diamond Antenna. Rotary joints can be upgraded or restored to their original specifications at a cost significantly less than replacing with a new unit. Diamond Antenna provides affordable worldwide refurbishment, form fit function replacements, and upgrades to any rotary joint regardless of the original model and manufacturer.

Rotary Joints - Before & After

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